Since the days have been getting longer again here in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve been waking up to the strange half-sleep that winter puts me in. Coupled with changing jobs, I’m feeling a real overhaul in my energy and priorities (and have finally found the time to reboot my website).

Having been stumbling around in a semi-slumber, I’ve got into a few bad habits that I’m becoming more aware of. In doing so, I realised that a few others have crept into my daily over the few past years of me living in the US, so this is a great time to reassess those as well. Almost everything I’m working on is an act of simplying or cleaning in some way, whether that’s my body, mind, home, time, or energy. The baby goats I saw earlier today were nature’s own signal that it is time for birth and renewal.

Over the new few weeks I’m going to break down some of the changes, and share the tools that have really helped with this process of total deep cleaning. I’m one of those people who is really reluctant to announce things if they’re not tried and true, so this is a bit of an aftermath post about what I’ve been working on recently (which means this stuff really works for me!). I hope other folks find it useful, too.

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