One of the things that has really helped my transition into the world of 9-5 has been to ease myself out of the weekend. I try to get into a weekday frame of mind on a Sunday evening so that the week doesn’t take me by surprise.

Moving out of wellness and hospitality management, my schedule has switched up a lot. I used to be all about working on evenings and weekends, whether teaching kids swimming lessons or closing a restaurant, and now I work weekday daytimes. It’s a big difference! I’ve had to adapt my habits, not just in going to bed and waking up earlier, but also in preparing for work and planning my mealtimes. My days are weighted towards getting to work earlier and having more time after I’m done, so I have to prepare more on the nights before.

After six weeks on my job, I’ve realised Sundays are the secret to my week. So here are 7 things I do on a Sunday night to set myself up for success:

  1. Laundry!: We basically do one wash of black clothing, one wash of other colours, and one linen wash each week, throughout the week. This means that Sunday is the last day in the week to do that final wash before the week ahead. We usually do our linens at the weekend. Even though we live in a small apartment, we hang our laundry up on wire racks and put a regular electric fan on oscillate mode to air them. This has the best side effect of humidifying the air in our warm, dry apartment and makes the plants really happy!
  2. Write everything down: During the weekends when I’m working on my own projects, I think of other things I need to (or want to!) work on. Articles, blog posts, graphics, etc. I find it really useful to make a note of these on a Sunday so my week begins with a clearer mind.
  3. Decide my weekly wardrobe: I don’t have a lot of clothes. You can call it a capsule wardrobe if you want to, but it’s just not a lot of clothes! I mix and match my tops, pants, and shoes slightly differently each week, so I do most of this on a Sunday night for the entire week.
  4. Manicure: I keep my nails short and painted with gel-style drugstore polish, so just need to replace my polish once a week. It’s nothing fancy but it makes me feel more put together and on top of my life. It’s the little things…
  5. Have a really good, thorough shower: I generally don’t have a high-maintenance routine so sometimes I need to give myself a reason to take a long shower, wash my hair, and shave. It’s not a lot but it always feels like such a luxury. Check out 7 Uses for Coconut Oil here.
  6. Read!: I believe in wonder. I love to disappear into a book for an hour or so on a Sunday night. It really helps me open my mind to further possibilities in preparation for the week ahead.
  7. Lunch prep: I use big glass jars to take my lunches to work each day and base them around a grain, a protein, and veggies. I cook the grains in a batch on Sunday, chop the veggies, and divide it all across the jars. I can add the proteins throughout the week. Look out for a post on my favourite jar lunches at some point!

What do you do on your Sunday nights to get ready for the week ahead? Do you have any ideas for me to streamline my process?

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