a selection of completed projects from my Ravelry.com page

If you have followed any of my work over the past few years, you’ll know I’ve drifted from knitter/spinner into publishing knitting patterns, into publishing my poetry. I’m not entirely sure that this is one singular journey, but I do know that where I’m at right now is not in a knitting publishing place. I’m not sure that it ever will be again, so for now I’ve decided to leave the knitting to the professionals and return to the ranks of the amateurs. My patterns that are not third-party-owned are now available here.

Some of my published patterns as seen on Ravelry

Go ahead and enjoy, and let me know how you get on with them!


So I have decided to embrace my complexity and bring all my parts together into one cacophonous whole. Here you will find the devastatingly nerdy, the strangely cool, and the unexpectedly dope facets of me all brought together in a semi-incoherent mish-mash of posts. Expect poetry, knitting, workouts, rambling posts on health and physiology, food, lifestyle, style, books, and booze – along with some travel, plants, coffee, and pop culture. Who said anything about being one-dimensional?

If you arrived here looking for any of my previously separate enterprises, you will find them using the menu above. Dive in and have fun, don’t take anything too seriously (least of all me), and let me know what you find!