Everything is better together. Well, almost everything… but working out for sure can be better when someone else is going through the struggle with you! Whether group fitness classes or partner training, here are some reasons why we love to work out with others:

  1. Accountability: It’s way more difficult to kid yourself or quit at “nearly” when someone else is there to see you cheating. You wouldn’t let them get away with it, so you know they sure won’t let you slack off either!
  2. Variety: Working out with someone else lets you try new ways of doing things, whether that’s a new fitness trend in an exciting class or a different exercise for your glutes that your buddy kills. Fill holes in your own knowledge or push yourself outside of your comfort zone by letting your partner introduce you to their favourite exercise.
  3. Safety: Having a spotter allows you to try those bigger lifts with someone to catch you if you fall, and going to a group fitness class gives you the chance to try new types of exercise with an instructor to guide you and check your form. Be a good partner and stay attentive instead of checking your phone every time you get a break.
  4. Competition: Game-ify your workout with a partner and see who can complete their sets with better form, awarding ± points for cheats, rests, or perfection. You can always go a little harder or heavier, as long as you remember #3 above 🙂
  5. Motivation: There’s nothing like a cheerleader to push you through that last rep when you’re just not sure you’ve got one more in you. Find out the most effective way to support your partner instead of assuming they need the same encouragement style that you do!
  6. Camaraderie: If #gymislife then who better to get sweaty with than your BFF/lover/SO/spouse/BFAM? Really being there for each other through those tough WODs or off-road trails can take your friendship to the next level. When you get those endorphins pumping, you love the ones you’re with.
  7. Hangtime!:We all live busy lives and having time to spend with people we value can be hard to find. Combine your workout with a hangout and enjoy each others’ company! What better reason to buddy up than to get quality time with ones who matter?

Side note: I also know a lot of couples who hate working out together because their different workout styles annoy the hell outta each other. This is also ok.

This is not an exhaustive list by far, and sometimes the best time you can give yourself is alone time. Know what you need and how you need it, just don’t be afraid to get cosy with your fitfam either!


This time last year things were really tough. I’d ridden out a rough 2017 both personally and professionally, and thought I was at the beginning of a period of growth. I knew I would need to make a major move in the next 6 months but believed I had myself set up to transition that period smoothly. Turns out life has a funny sense of humour…

Fast forward to the present day: I’ve just returned from a short vacation and couldn’t be happier to be home. Every morning I wake up here I am reminded of how much difference a year makes, of the importance of sticking to the plan, of the promise of patience and persistence, and the power of love to get us through any and everything. It sounds horribly corny but it’s true. This past year has been a massive personal experiment in trusting the process and of not giving up in the face of adversity, and you know what? It works. Even when it feels like it can’t possibly work out in the end, when the steps feel too big to take on, and every single path appears to lie in ruin, just keep taking one step at a time.

I have scaled my desires to my means, I strive for simplicity, and every day is a battle against the should-be’s/should-have’s/should-do’s. Yet, when I look at what I am, have, and do, I see that everything is exactly as it should be. Paying the rent feels a lot less like a burden without feeling like we have to do a ton of other things as well, and that’s the crux of the matter.

We live in a world that tells us we need to have more and do more, yet “more” is an illusory quantity that is impossible to attain. It is precisely because we can never reach it that we continue to chase it. And the more we chase more the deeper we internalise the message that we are inadequate (which is why we must strive for more), so that no matter how much we have and do we still feel inadequate. More precisely, we have allowed ourselves to believe that we are so inadequate that we do not deserve to be satisfied. And the truth is the opposite.

If we let go of the distractions to have/do/be more, it becomes easier to get to where we need to be. I swear, this shit keeps us so tied to ideas of being anything “more” than we are that we lose sight of what we really need. It is time to stop wanting more because we are enough. Exactly as we are, with everything we have, even if it’s not very much…


a selection of completed projects from my Ravelry.com page

If you have followed any of my work over the past few years, you’ll know I’ve drifted from knitter/spinner into publishing knitting patterns, into publishing my poetry. I’m not entirely sure that this is one singular journey, but I do know that where I’m at right now is not in a knitting publishing place. I’m not sure that it ever will be again, so for now I’ve decided to leave the knitting to the professionals and return to the ranks of the amateurs. My patterns that are not third-party-owned are now available here.

Some of my published patterns as seen on Ravelry

Go ahead and enjoy, and let me know how you get on with them!


So I have decided to embrace my complexity and bring all my parts together into one cacophonous whole. Here you will find the devastatingly nerdy, the strangely cool, and the unexpectedly dope facets of me all brought together in a semi-incoherent mish-mash of posts. Expect poetry, knitting, workouts, rambling posts on health and physiology, food, lifestyle, style, books, and booze – along with some travel, plants, coffee, and pop culture. Who said anything about being one-dimensional?

If you arrived here looking for any of my previously separate enterprises, you will find them using the menu above. Dive in and have fun, don’t take anything too seriously (least of all me), and let me know what you find!