A tribute to the landscape and weather of England’s Peak District, Laddow is a yoked sweater worked in the round from the top down, featuring stranded colourwork. Inspired by techniques from Bohus Stickning, the yoke is worked with a combination of knits and purls to blend the colours into a hazy moorland vista.

The shallow yoke will suit most body shapes, while gentle side shaping discretely hugs your curves for a flattering fit.

The cast-on and bind-off have been carefully chosen for their properties, so give them a go if you haven’t tried them before and pick up a new skill!

Worked in a traditional jumperweight yarn, this sweater brings joy to cooling weather and darkening evenings, while the blended colourwork is a forgiving canvas for experimenting with your own seasonal palette.

Instructions are given for approximate chest circumferences:
76cm, {86cm, 96cm, 106cm}, {117cm, 127cm, 137cm} // 30.25”, {34.25”, 38.25”, 42.25”}, {46.75”, 50.75”, 54.75”}

Laddow is designed to fit with slight negative ease (- 5cm // 2”), so choose a size slightly smaller than your bust circumference. Please note that the sleeves are truly close-fitting, so check the schematic carefully to ensure you have enough ease in the arms and make adjustments accordingly.

A full schematic is provided.

Skills required
Long-tail cast-on (links provided to additional resources)
Basic stitches (knit, purl)
Increasing (kfl, m1R, m1L)
Decreasing (k2tog, ssk)
Short rows (links provided to additional resources)
Outline stitch bind-off (links provided to additional resources)

This pattern is provided in a printer-friendly format with the images on separate pages from the written instructions, which are formatted in black and white. Switch your printer to Grayscale to conserve colour ink, and Draft printing quality to reduce overall ink consumption

PDF download here (you can either right-click and “Save link as” or left-click and save the file from the new tab it opens)

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  1. Hi, Thanks so much for this pattern. IF you wish to make it for a man, what would be different in the shaping? Thank you.

    1. Hello Kieran, thanks for your appreciation. You’re welcome! It’s really difficult to say without seeing the man in question! If you were to make it for a straight-up-and-down shaped man then you might prefer to ignore any of the shaping instructions for the body and just knit straight from the armpit to the hem, if he has a bigger gut then you might get a better fit if you swap around the increases and decreases in the body shaping, or only work the written decreases as increases and then knit straight. I hope this helps you understand the principles behind fitting a bit more?

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